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Period problems that are not to be ignored

Some of the period problems you might not think it is a problem but can lead to disastrous consequences. Period pain that is so...

Ginger water for weight loss

Losing weight is a game of watching what you eat therefore when you are losing weight it is important to incorporate ginger in your...

Fat loss foods to consider

Burning fat is a lot harder especially if you are some who cannot stop consuming them. It might be a tedious process but it...

How to clean your hair properly in the shower?

I know you all might think that this is the silliest thing to ever read but trust once you do this trick your hair...

Weight Loss

Why morning exercise?


Fat loss foods to consider


Ginger water for weight loss


Weight loss smoothies

Tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree oil has been used as an alternative to conventional methods of treatment. This offers many skin benefits and other benefits as well. It...

How to incorporate detoxification in your daily life?

It is our sole duty to detoxify our bodies of toxins and harmful germs taking refuge in our body once in a while. This...

7 Indian Desi Hacks

Desi hacks Indians have a lot of hidden tips and tricks behind their sleeves. Not only those tips are ancient but they work like...

Tips and tricks for your lips

Tips and tricks for your lips Lips are the essential part of your face and a good lipstick game can change your whole makeup look....


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