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Diys to try skin

DIY tips and tricks a great way to enhance your skincare and many routines however here are a few devices to try for your...

How to incorporate detoxification in your daily life?

It is our sole duty to detoxify our bodies of toxins and harmful germs taking refuge in our body once in a while. This...

Hair care tips for all hair kind

Haircare is quite important in order to maintain and give your hair a natural yet healthy look and make them stronger, So no matter...

Fat loss foods to consider

Burning fat is a lot harder especially if you are some who cannot stop consuming them. It might be a tedious process but it...

Weight Loss

Why morning exercise?


Fat loss foods to consider


Ginger water for weight loss


Weight loss smoothies

Foods to avoid if you want to get rid of bloating.

Bloating is something that we all have experienced. Sometimes it even comes with a pain in the stomach. Bloating sucks and we know it. The...

5 Anti-aging foods to eat

Well,we cannot stop or halt time but we can certainly play with it especially when it comes to aging. Aging is something that no...

Should you impose yourself in your friendships?

Should you impose yourself in your friendships or not? Yesterday there was a class activity here a question was raised that was, “Should friends impose themselves...

Corona and beauty products

The virus stays for on metal for about a few days and includes for a few hours. The question arises that dies the virus...


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