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Mask for anti aging skin

Use this mask to have an anti-aging skin. Nobody wants to face the reality that we all are going to be old one day and...

Why women should shave their faces ?

Face shaving and busting myths If you wanted to get rid of facial hair for a long time then ladies let me tell you shaving...

Flawless waves hack

If you want to get beachy waves with a flat iron with fewer efforts, then we have a couple of hacks to provide you...

5 Life Hacks You Need to Know for a Better Summer!

Summer Hacks As we are in the middle of the summer and the heat is getting worse and worse and our skin needs extra care...

Weight Loss

Why morning exercise?


Fat loss foods to consider


Ginger water for weight loss


Weight loss smoothies

All about skin allergies

Basically allergies are a way for your body's immune system to tell you a foreign invasion inside your body has taken place so you...

The 101 on concealers

Concealers are like a girl’s best friend. They are simply the fixers for our face or in our makeup routine. The type of concealer...

All you need to know about peel off masks.

Masking is very common now and I am sure by now you are aware that there are many different types of masks available in...

8 Glitter Hacks

I mean who doesn’t love a little bling. And if you are one of those whose life is incomplete without glitter then I am...


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