We all love nail polish and especially when it comes to nail art and funky colours I am sure most of us are up for it. But as beautiful those designs look they not as easy to do as you think. But they are neither difficult as well.

However, mostly we see these designs and tricks carried out by professionals but do not worry some of these tricks for nails can be used by us as well.

6 Nail hacks and tips

  1. If you do not have a striping brush and you need to do a striping nail art or draw lines, then take a regular eyeliner brush. Cut off some of the bristles near the area where it starts to stick out, cut as much as thin you want your brush to be.
  2. For a dotting tool to draw perfect shaped dots on your nails use a bobby pin for that.
  3. If you want that whole marble design but you are not big on water marble, then first cover the rest of your finger. Now drop droplets of various nail colors on the nail. Now take a bamboo stick and start to drag colors around. This is a technique called drag marble.
  4. If you want your nail manicure to last a but it longer then always wraps around the edges of your nail. Also, use a non-peel off base coat and a hard topcoat to seal the deal from both ends.
  5. If you want the peel-off nail polish, then apply a layer of white glue below the nail polish and then go over with paint.
  6. If you want a heart design, then take a piece of tape and fold it in half and cut out a half heart shape. Now place the heart stencil on your finger and go over with nail polish.


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