I know for some of you nails are just like eh! But I have seen people being pretty obsessed about their nails when it comes to them. Some actually do consider ti take extra care because honestly, taking care if nails is a bit of challenging. Not impossible but just challenging. But these tips are something that even a nonnail crazy person can do as well.

  1. Always hydrate your cuticles whenever you get the chance. Because dry bitter cuticles would be problematic once they start to become a problem. Hydrate them with oils especially the jojoba oil or tea tree oil.
  2. Never break your nail or bite them because you are decreasing your nail strength by doing that. Even try to avoid nail clippers as well if your nails are rigid. Instead of filing them off.
  3. If you are not good at applying nail polish, apply some vaseline around the sides of your nail and then apply your nail paint. Then clean the excess mess off with an earbud without any hassle.
  4. When your hands have been in direct contact with water for a longer period of time, like in the shower try to avoid any work involving nails as your nails are the softest and prone to breaking.
  5. Help your nail polish dry faster by soaking your hand in a bowl of cold water and allowing that to dry.
  6. Add a piece of garlic in your topcoat and apply it on your nails, it will not only seal the design or make it shine it will also add strength to your nails.
  7. Never scratch if nail polish from your nails as you are also scratching off the nail layers and thinning out your nails.


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