Love, a four letter word which holds a powerful meaning, but is using its meaning in a proper way?

No, nowadays love is just another word of a dictionary which everyone is using to define an emotion that is anything other than love.

“Oh! I love that dress”
“Oh, I love your shoes”

“Thank you so much for helping me out! I love you for doing that”

“I love you”

None of the above is the actual use of the word love. You see you don’t love that dress you desire it and you would want it. Loving that dress means to keep it on for the rest of
your life.

You don’t love their shoes you want it for yourself as well so you can look pretty as well.

You don’t love them for helping you out, you like them and respect the fact that they helped you out.

And the last is my favorite, telling someone they love you when you don’t even mean it.

Love is a beautiful place, it is a place of great happiness and it is a feeling that I myself cannot put into words. A mother “loves” her child, a child loves her mother.

That is one example of the word love being used for its actual form. To love someone is to love them in a way where you don’t expect anything in return, love is to sacrifice and to compromise for that one person, love can be of many forms. Teacher loves their students, you love your parents, the love between friends and the love between an animal and a human.

Love is to be honored its use should be made sacred, love is not a word that where everything you like you replaces it with love.

No love is not selfish or proud, love has no ego and no harm, love I essence of pure and to love someone means to accept it without flaw and to have the mindset that from now onwards no matter what happens that person that I love I will be there for them.


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