Basically allergies are a way for your body’s immune system to tell you a foreign invasion inside your body has taken place so you need to do something about it.

One of the types of allergy is that you may experience are skin allergies.

Skin allergies can be a sign or symptom of another allergy and can also be a direct result of exposure to an allergen.

Like you eating a food allergy to can cause service symptoms and you can experience tingling in the throat or mouth or you can also have rashes.

Another word when Justin comes into contact with allergen directly is known as contact dermatitis what happens when you touch something that you are allergic to like cleaning of plant or anything else.

There are different types of allergies and limit to you about some of them.

  1. First, we have rashes which are that the skin is irritated red swollen and can be painful or itchy. This happens in certain areas of the skin which come into contact.
  2. Next week and have swollen eyes which near the ice may be watery or itchy and give them a puffy look.
  3. Next, we have itching which is irritation or inflammation on the skin.
  4. We have Eczema which means that the part of the skin can become inflame and they can bleed and it quite severely.
  5. Also, we have burning which means the skin inflammation leads to watching discomfort and gives a stinging sensation on the skin.
  6. Hives are red itchy patches which develop in various size and shape.
  7. We can also experience sore throat which means in the throat gets irritated and inflamed.


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