Cleanliness and hygiene is one thing and remembering them is an another. We do often. Forget that we need to keep ourselves clean and tidy. I know I sound like a mom but its true. So not enough hygienic tips can be off too much so I will be sharing some more tips.

  1. While washing your teeth keep all the germs and dirt off your tongue as well because they may form some bacterial or any other diseases.
  2. Use a washcloth in the shower as well as you will be surprised how clean you feel and smell as opposed to just regular soaping.
  3. Whenever you are in the shower always come back with your hands washed. The amount of germs in there are enormous trust me.
  4. Change your bed sheets at least like once a week which will help you prevent body acne, more hair oil and you less smelly.
  5. For women sleep without your undergarments because they will have some air once in a while to avoid nasty smell.
  6. For those nasty smells especially in summers clean our your underarm hair and the pubic hair as they create those gross smells.
  7. Also to remove the underarm smell rub it with some hydrogen peroxide to remove it like dip a cotton and rub it after the shower.
  8. Do oil pulling at least once or twice a week to keep your mouth fresh an healthy.
  9. Try putting Vaseline in area you want to apply perfume as it will stay on for longer.
  10. Do clean your belly button every once in a while because it can really develop foul smelling.


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