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Gender equality is what we all are seeking for but the position of females in this world is what we are trying to deliver. Read it and support and join the march in supporting female.


Women need to be aware

Women need to be made aware of the ongoing situations and events going on around the world regarding women harassment, rape, and kidnapping. Crimes against women are getting worse and worse in some areas...

Population control and why we need to focus on it

Everywhere I see is traffic, crowd and no space to breathe. The population of my dear friends is growing at a faster pace. It is growing at the speed of lighting. Seriously, that is what it...

Why women are made weak?

Since the dawn of time man has taken the hold of the world. The female's gender has always been neglected and never given an equal opportunity as men. The sad part is that this...
Societal pressure

Societal pressure on female in a middle east culture

Women have long since regarded as inferior to man since she was born. From the day she is born till the day she dies women are never equalized to the status of a man. Even...

Why women are subjected to being forced in brown families?

Since the day I have been born till the day I am living breathing this question has always been on my mind that why are women especially in brown families are always being the...

Women as objects. #Feminism

Why are women constantly being objectified to solve feuds and to maintain respect for the family? In the modern era where we all call ourselves open-minded and advanced, I feel like we are still living a...

Needs vs Wants

Every human being on this earth either dies something out of desire or due to an obligation. When something is related to your desire you specify it as you want and when it is associated...

The role of men when their women is pregnant.

Often times we are told that pregnancy is only the headache of the women, after all, she is the who is bears the child and not the man. The man’s job is to just...

Female education? Are we wasting on them?

Female education? Are we wasting on them? Education of females has been a major issue since the dawn of times. As the female sector is considered to be less of class and most people would...

The art of finding a bahu (Daughter in law)

The art of finding a bahu She walks into the room taking gentle short steps, with the dupatta perfectly aligned on her head with her eyes averted downwards. Both of her hands were grasping the...

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