Child abuse

Child abuse is either physical or psychological abuse of children. No society religion or community promotes it. But the question arises why it is to be found everywhere in the world. But most of...

Why you should be careful with your child.

Childhood trauma is something that can affect your child his or her entire life for the time he is able to recover or even sometimes still their death. You see the mind of a child...

Take care of the woman you married

Imagine after twenty or thirty or even more or less of your life has been spent with your family with your loved ones and suddenly one day you have to leave them and move into...

Upcoming trends 2020

Another year approaches in the generation of the millenniums, it is high time we know the upcoming trends that are to stay and what needs to be said goodbye. However, in the makeup community where...

Functional foods

These are basically foods offering more than their nutritional value. They contain additional ingredients to help and support in boosting their functionality. Foods may incorporate vitamins, minerals, probiotics or fiber. Functional foods contain nutrients rich...

Basic hacks to keep your life clean.

Cleanliness and hygiene is one thing and remembering them is an another. We do often. Forget that we need to keep ourselves clean and tidy. I know I sound like a mom but its...

Why do you keep on stressing?

Stressing over something is completely normal and a part of life. It is something that happens like everybody and seriously there is no one who can say that they have never been stressed out....

Review on movie THE JOKER

As you know the new launch of the movie just hit the box office and has been a successful one. Why because it is that great not to capture success. However, I would like to...

Dear little one….

Dear little one. Welcome to the world. Welcome to a new life to a new era of living. Welcome the earth and welcome to everything that life has to offer to you. But the dear...

Feet care routine

Normally we are focused on our face when it comes to beauty or the hands. But we usually ignore our feet every now and then. Ignoring their care for a month or even a...

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