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Basic hacks to keep your life clean.

Cleanliness and hygiene is one thing and remembering them is an another. We do often. Forget that we need to keep ourselves clean and tidy. I know I sound like a mom but its...

Why do you keep on stressing?

Stressing over something is completely normal and a part of life. It is something that happens like everybody and seriously there is no one who can say that they have never been stressed out....

Dear little one….

Dear little one. Welcome to the world. Welcome to a new life to a new era of living. Welcome the earth and welcome to everything that life has to offer to you. But the dear...

Feet care routine

Normally we are focused on our face when it comes to beauty or the hands. But we usually ignore our feet every now and then. Ignoring their care for a month or even a...

The difference in animals and humans

Today my teacher asked the whole class a generic question out of the blue. The question was: What is the difference between animals and humans? All of us cramped our heads and began to answer. Some said...

Chocolate is the love drug

Do you know chocolate can replace feelings of love and happiness? It contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that produces feelings of happiness in the brain. It contains phenylethylamine, which helps to promote...

Stop animal use for entertainment and money

You might have seen the work of animals in circuses and many sea shows where many types of animal perform different stunts and impossible or unlikely stunts and activities. It all seems impressive and...

Why support war and not peace ?

Human beings are not preferring destruction over peace. It is not their fault all along. The world is growing into a phase where destruction and chaos are supported instead of peace and comfort. Where...

Is technology replacing manpower?

Every day and each minute a new product or a new gadget is being introduced. The industry is developing into a technical center. We are living in the third era of society in the...

How to control your aggressiveness?

If you are someone who gets angry even on the slightest thing or can easily become a hot head and are involved in verbal as physical fights as often as can be then chances...

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