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Child abuse

Child abuse is either physical or psychological abuse of children. No society religion or community promotes it. But the question arises why it is to be found everywhere in the world. But most of...

Why you should be careful with your child.

Childhood trauma is something that can affect your child his or her entire life for the time he is able to recover or even sometimes still their death. You see the mind of a child...

Upcoming trends 2020

Another year approaches in the generation of the millenniums, it is high time we know the upcoming trends that are to stay and what needs to be said goodbye. However, in the makeup community where...

Functional foods

These are basically foods offering more than their nutritional value. They contain additional ingredients to help and support in boosting their functionality. Foods may incorporate vitamins, minerals, probiotics or fiber. Functional foods contain nutrients rich...
Update resources instead of technology.

Update resources instead of technology

Technological advancements are always taking place with the latest edition in gadgets and machines and many others. We see innovative technological products or something different as well. We see improved gadgets and improvement in...

Back to school life tips.

As the university, college and school open we all are filled with excitement nervousness and most of all preparing ourselves for another semester of grinding homework and brutality of teachers but most of all...

Why is plastic a big problem.

The production of plastic products is increasing day by day but do you know the pace at which plastic production is increasing it takes a hell lot more time for the plastic to actually...

The burning of Amazon

It has come into account that the Amazon forest has been burning for 3 weeks. It has caught the eye from many national geographers and researchers and truth be told this is something that...
Soap brows?

Soap brows?

There is a new beauty trend going on and trust me it is so not a dupe. To learn more keep on reading. Soap brows aka the substitute for wax brows. Soap brows have become...

Trends of 2019

Trends are something that comes and go and the fashion industry has taken so many advancements that that sometimes a trend sticks to become a style and some become a fad. But the evolution...

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