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Womein hygiene is very important especially in those day (if you know what I mean). Don’t worry ladies we got you secured.


Borderline disorder

The borderline disorder also known as a borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that is due to a long time pattern of unstable relationships or distorted sense of self or any strong emotional...

Period problems that are not to be ignored

Some of the period problems you might not think it is a problem but can lead to disastrous consequences. Period pain that is so bad that it is hard to leave the bed Pain...

Women love

I have seen women literally tearing other women, constantly hating on them and backstabbing each other women, commenting on them and bringing each other down. I think for what I have described men are doing...

Reasons why your period irritates you ?

Check out why your period irritates you? Often wonder when that time of the month approaches and you feel all crappy and irritated that you want to burst even at the slightest chance of chaos? I...

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