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All about skin allergies

Basically allergies are a way for your body's immune system to tell you a foreign invasion inside your body has taken place so you need to do something about it. One of the types of...

Hacks to do with lemon

You know you can use lemon in so many ways apart from making lemonades and yes, this work. Make your very own hair removing wax. Miss in lemon juice with sugar and boil in a...

DIY Hand Sanitizer Gel | How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home

In this time of the pandemic, we are told to sanitize and wash our hands as frequently as possible. And with the way we are sanitizing our hands makes the sanitizer bottle to finish in...

Corona and beauty products

The virus stays for on metal for about a few days and includes for a few hours. The question arises that dies the virus accumulates on beauty products and inside them. To answer this by...

Healthy immune system

Our immune system is a very integral part of our body and we need to keep it in check all the time and make it stronger instead of making it weaker because the immune...

Trick for lashes without using fake lashes

If you love having long lashes but you hate putting on fake lashes that there is a mascara trick that can help you enhance your natural lashes and make it look into flawless fake...

The hack to use powder before foundation

A new trend has emerged to use powder before Foundation as observed as it sounds let me tell you it works. Before you jump into conclusions hear me out let me tell you how does...

Makeup habits that are ruining your skin

We all know that makeup is bad and causes a lot of problems on the skin if not taking care of properly. However, taking care of the skin and doing makeup would not let...

Stop sugary cravings

We all are an affair of sugar and no matter where we see a delicious and scrumptious dessert we cannot stop ourselves but did you know that an intake of a lot of sugar...

Eggs and its facts

Eggs are a great debate in the health community. However, there are many facts over eggs that we still believe and work and offer us benefits in different states of life. Eggs help to improve...

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