How to deal with nausea and vomiting.

This is something that I am sure has happened or will happen to anyone. And trust me these feelings and constant amount of throwing up food makes you irritated and so done with yourself...

Hygiene and tips

Basic hygiene is very important if you want to make an impression. In fact, it is not about making an impression it is about the fact that you keep yourself hygienic or yourself as...

The dangers of consuming fried food.

As people keep on growing their love of food more and more fried food is being consumed each day. Fried food is preferred much more than normal like french fries, fried burgers, etc. Fried...

Bananas and health benefits associated with it

Bananas are healthy as well as delicious as they have many nutrients packed inside them which helps in digestion, heart and weight loss. As bananas are having higher sources of nutrients like potassium, vitamin...

Hacks directly from Victoria secret’s models

Bringing to you an all-rounder collection from hacks all from the pantry of the model’s form victoria secrets. Yes, those victoria secrets angels have a lot of hacks to share with us. Despite of all...
Paraffin for hand

Paraffin for hand

A new trend has emerged in the beauty world. Actually it isn’t new I would say, but it just emerged to popularity recent today. It is a solution for dry, cracked hands and even...

Benefits of cold showers

Showers are important whether cold or hot. A person who doesn’t shower, well what I can I say you can imagine yourself how would that be. Today, I will be talking about some off the...

All about Eucalyptus oil

The use of essential oil is emerging day by day. And as its intensity grows into the market there is no denying over the fact that essential oils are not beneficial. In fact, they...

Tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree oil has been used as an alternative to conventional methods of treatment. This offers many skin benefits and other benefits as well. It helps to treat problems regarding skin, nails and even hair...

Baking soda hacks

As with new and new hacks and beauty trends emerge the need for new product innovation and raw materials are also differentiating now more than ever. Another candidate which is making a permanent place...

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