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And eye look that goes with everything

If you are someone who loves makeup but either doesn’t have the time, skill or anything else to pull off a look with every outfit you wear then this post is for you. Especially for...

The 5 best and easy Halloween looks to try on

If you are one who loves Halloween but does not have an artistic streak or is simply lazy then these looks have been chosen just for you. As Halloween approaches you to need to be...

Makeup tips from the royals

As you might have been seeing the royal family in and out it is about time we go into their makeup routine and explore how are they always camera ready and alluring all the...
Contouring and highlighting

Contouring and highlighting 101

As new makeup trends emerge each day the trend to co tour and highlighting also change. There are many ways that you can contour your face once you get to know the targeting areas....
10 Highlighting tips

10 Highlighting tips

Highlighting or strobing has been one of the most famous and popular trends even now because it makes you look just that good. It gives you a glow that you normally wouldn’t expect your...

Why makeup should be cleaned before sleeping ?

Everyone thinks that makeup ruins your skin quite rapidly especially if you are someone who does makeup often. However, personally I believe that if you take care of your skin in the ration of...

Non makeup habits to make your makeup last longer

Do you know that if you want your makeup to last longer there are a few precautions or tips that you can do which are non-makeup related? I am sure most of you have heard...

The 101 on concealers

Concealers are like a girl’s best friend. They are simply the fixers for our face or in our makeup routine. The type of concealer can affect a lot on your makeup game because most...

Eye shadow Tips to elevate your eye shadow game up a notch

By far most people struggle on their eyeshadow especially when it comes to bold looks. It takes time and practice and a bit of experience regarding texture, tools, and quality. However, it is not...

All you need to know about foundation.

Foundation is the extremely part of our makeup routine. Foundation is like another layer of skin for your face that you want to stay all day long or at least as long as you...

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