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Trick for lashes without using fake lashes

If you love having long lashes but you hate putting on fake lashes that there is a mascara trick that can help you enhance your natural lashes and make it look into flawless fake...

The hack to use powder before foundation

A new trend has emerged to use powder before Foundation as observed as it sounds let me tell you it works. Before you jump into conclusions hear me out let me tell you how does...

Makeup habits that are ruining your skin

We all know that makeup is bad and causes a lot of problems on the skin if not taking care of properly. However, taking care of the skin and doing makeup would not let...

Easy party makeup looks ideas

2020 has approached it is high time that you are for another round of here of parties but there are no more in your mind for the makeup looks that you are going to...

Fuller eyebrows and how to get them

Eyebrows are something that can elevate your face to a whole new level. However, if you are a victim of thin patchy eyebrows then these tips are for you no matter what the situation. ...
How to tackle oily eyelids

How to tackle oily eyelids

If you suffer from oily eyelids then you know how hard it is to keep any eyeshadow creativity on it for long periods or how it can affect your blending skills or even a...

Makeup mistakes to avoid

Makeup is every girl’s best friend. However, not any makeup technique is considered wrong but there are some mistakes than most of us can make even professionals Do not match foundation to face but...

And eye look that goes with everything

If you are someone who loves makeup but either doesn’t have the time, skill or anything else to pull off a look with every outfit you wear then this post is for you. Especially for...

The 5 best and easy Halloween looks to try on

If you are one who loves Halloween but does not have an artistic streak or is simply lazy then these looks have been chosen just for you. As Halloween approaches you to need to be...

Makeup tips from the royals

As you might have been seeing the royal family in and out it is about time we go into their makeup routine and explore how are they always camera ready and alluring all the...

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