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The most important bonds in life are precious to you and you wish to keep them in a healthy way. But sometimes you do need a helping and that is what these advices are here for


Should you impose yourself in your friendships?

Should you impose yourself in your friendships or not? Yesterday there was a class activity here a question was raised that was, “Should friends impose themselves on each other?” The first that that came to my attention...

Tips for a successful relationship

Tips for a successful relationship with your significant other. Ever wonder why that happy relationship isn’t working for you? Or why is your marriage approaching towards a downfall? Or why after all this time you...

Difference between attraction and love!

You love them, good, correct, excellent but do you even know what love really means?attraction The thing is we are confusing the word attraction/infatuation with the word love. The word love and the word like...

Reason why women stays involved in toxic relationships?

There are often times when you ask yourself how I ever loved that person or how did I ever dated him. That one person you swore that would be your soul mate made your...

Do you think romantic movies damaging to real relationships?

When it comes to romanticism there are tons of books and movies made upon it. People are constantly producing new material on relationships and romanticism with new ideas and techniques where some might fail...

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