Child abuse is either physical or psychological abuse of children. No society religion or community promotes it. But the question arises why it is to be found everywhere in the world. But most of the child abuse is occurring in either child’s home school of the workplace.

The four types of child abuse are negligence, physical abuse, psychological abuse and sexual abuse.

Negligence is when the child is not provided with proper attention, food clothing education or hygiene.

Physical abuse occurs when the child is hit, burned, choked or shook or even abused by an adult. Believes to teach a lesson or train but infect such an adult himself is a mind sick who cannot control his illness.

Psychological abuse involves the child using such emotions which can even make him feel insulted or shameful. It can be done either by giving any physical punishment or by saying abusive words to the child.

Sexual abuse is a sexual relationship in which an adult involves the child forcefully, I must say to do so. And it is the worst of all types as it highly effective mind and personality of the child.


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