Do you know chocolate can replace feelings of love and happiness? It contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that produces feelings of happiness in the brain. It contains phenylethylamine, which helps to promote feelings of attractions and excitements which are associated when you fall in love. This chemical also takes the role of an anti-depressant. Now you see why chocolate is also given the name love drug.

Eating chocolates is beneficial, especially for women. Women tend to lose their brain cells much more easily than men so in order to maintain that women are required to eat one block of genuine chocolate at least once per day. Too much of anything is excessive that is why never consume chocolate in excessive amounts as it has high sources of carbs and sugars which can aid in your weight gain, cholesterol level. Excessive chocolate can also upset the digestive system.

However, chocolate is considered as the love drug as it gives you feelings of love and happiness. It stimulates those feelings inside you that is why women especially eat chocolates during their periods or after a heartbreak. There is a reason that chocolates are given as romantic gifts to the significant others as chocolates have the same effect as love. It might be temporary but the feeling is the same.

The cocoa inside chocolates gives a high concentration of antioxidants which are reported to have to prevent cancer in the cells. Protection of the blood vessel. Promotes cardiac health and work against high blood pressure.

So see why chocolate is all good and not bad. This might break some myths. Also whenever you wanna feel loved.

Just eat some chocolate!



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