As new makeup trends emerge each day the trend to co tour and highlighting also change. There are many ways that you can contour your face once you get to know the targeting areas. Like you can go for a soft contour, a sharper one or a blended mix. Whatever you want it is up to you.

The advantage of contour and highlighting your face is that you can mimic your face I to a different shape like smaller or more pointy by shifting lights. It is much more efficient when you are really trying to shift your makeup game.

At first, they were done for brides, professional models, etc. But thanks to the internet we are all familiarized with these special techniques that have changed our makeup lifestyle.

However, there are some essentials you need to have to start it because it gets refined with practice.

  1. If you have a wider forehead then shorten it down by contouring the sides and if your forehead is longer then co tour the top part as well. But when it comes to highlighting apply it in the middle and blend with the contour. For a bigger forehead apply more highlight than contour and vice versa.
  2. The nose contour. You need to draw two straight lines onto each side. The slimness and wideness of each line depending on the distance between two lines. The closer the lines are the narrower the nose looks and vice versa. Now apply a bridge of highlight onto the middle of your nose to pop it up and narrow the sides.
  3. For a cheekbone, the effect starts at the ear lobe and draw a straight line diagonally and stop right where the corner of your eye starts. Now it depends you can blend it totally upwards and create a harsh sharp line for a sharp effect. Or you can blend it all the way around for a more natural finish.
  4. Highlighting the under eyes with a concealer lighter than your foundation would not only hide the dark circles but would also brighten your eyes and make you look healthy. And always apply it in a triangular shape.
  5. Also, highlight your chin. Now you have noticed that we have highlighted only the middle part of the face. Well, that is because it brings the middle forward giving a slimming effect.
  6. To get rid of that double chin draw a line where you want your fake chin to be with the contour and then blend downwards seamlessly with the neck.

That is it, folks. Now you can mix and match techniques and see what is best for you and apply it in your makeup routine to change your game.

Next up I will be bringing more contouring and #highlighting information as well in future blogs so stay tuned.



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