The virus stays for on metal for about a few days and includes for a few hours. The question arises that dies the virus accumulates on beauty products and inside them.

To answer this by research it is not yet been made clear the weather the virus accumulates on beauty products or not but it highly recommends sterilizing everything that you own including from beauty products to makeup to accessories and clothes you have.

Virus accumulating inside a beauty product, well if the product is alcohol base then the most probably the virus would be killed and become inactive. However, like creams which are not more alcohol base, they can have the virus accumulating in it but it is not yet confirmed so it is better that you sterilize them and clean them after every use and if they are outside with you and you come from outside sterilize yourself and then touch the beauty products and also sterilize them.

Also if you happen to share your beauty products in the past to not do that, do not share your products especially the ones which are direct skin to skin contact like the bases lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, brushes because the virus can be transmitted easily. So keep your products to yourself and encourage others to do the same.

Adopt a neat and Healthy lifestyle


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