That green plant you often see in your salad, yeah that is right you know it, you have eaten it. Yes, it is a ripe vegetable but it’s not gross! Am I right? But did you know that green salad thing can be used for your skin as well?
Yes, I am talking about cucumbers. Those freshly watery vegetables used in salads are beneficial for skin as well.

You see their flesh is most consistent with water but they also have ascorbic acid and caffeic acid which is useful for many skin benefits like soothing, irritation and swellings
etc. They also help to restore the ph. level of the skin at points.

Cucumber is a rich source of fiber and minerals so anything with that much of nutrients is definitely better for your skin.

Let us talk about a few of the cucumber’s benefits:

  • The acids of the cucumber helps to prevent water retention which is the reason that cucumber is applied to swollen eyes, dermatitis, and burns.
  • They are used as hydrating agents for your skin.
  • The silica inside a cucumber is beneficial for healthy connective tissues like muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.
  • Silica is also beneficial in improving the complexion of the skin and is beneficial for a glowing skin complexion.
  • It helps in fighting those under eye bags by toning them down.
  • It is helpful in removing and fighting with cellulite in the thighs region.
  • It is a treatment of open pores as it can absorb heat and adds coolness in the skin which helps to shrink down pores.
  • It also has mild properties to remove skin tanning because it has a light bleaching factor for the evening out the skin tone and gives you a youthful glow.
  • You see in movies or in real life people have cucumbers on their eyes while in a facial situation, that is because it helps to fight back wrinkles. Ye wrinkle-free skin is on its way because one major cause of wrinkle formation and dry eyes and cucumber is a rich source of hydration, so it helps to balance out the moisture and hydrate your eyes to give it a smooth texture working sort of like eye moisture.
  • Take cucumber juice and mix it with mud and apply on your face with a few drops of rose water to make your very own mud mask to fight against acne and dirt.


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