Dear little one. Welcome to the world. Welcome to a new life to a new era of living. Welcome the earth and welcome to everything that life has to offer to you.

But the dear little one I am sorry for this world has destroyed the morality of the society. You will be given the life of a king but your character will be as low as the early man.

You will be successful in every phase of life but in person, you will be a beast with no ethics. Dear little one you will experience everything you like. All desires would be at your feet. All dreams will be fulfilled.

But my dear little one this world is a cause. This world is a disaster. This world has gone into destruction.

We have lost it. We lost our tolerance, we have lost our morality, we have lost everything that defined the nature of human beings. Instead, we have adopted materialism, hatred, ego and we have become the villains in society.

The good about life has turned into bad. Light has gone dark. There is no hope left for improvement but my dear one be careful. Because in this chaotic world you can be easily engulfed. You can be easily consumed where all your innocence will be drained and your personality will be altered. This world would destroy you if you do not make the race and it will always haunt you if you do not win. Because winning is the ultimate goal no matter what means you take. Shortcuts of all sorts are created. Hardworking men are being cheated by the short cuts and are being deprived of their rights because they chose to do the race in the right way.

We should try to create a better world for our generation our else every mother would have to recite this to their new born.



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