Nowadays it is a common trend to DIY everything. Haclds and tips are becoming a norm in this society as new and new techniques are being discovered. Today I would like to share mine at home facial treatment.

  • Start by setting up your space, because trust me there is a mess to be expected.
  • Now get a saucepan, fill it with water and boil it. After the boiling process, take a towel and cover your entire upper head as you bend over the saucepan just enough that you could soak in its steam but not too close that you get burned. Now aloe your skin to relax and take in the steam. This would help to open up the pores so you can easily
    operate onto the deep inches of skin.
  • Next up take a pea size amount of toothpaste, add baking soda in it about two to three pinches. Mix with a toothbrush (That you do not use) and rub that mixture on your nose with the brush in circular motions to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and other gunk stuck on your nose. Do this as much as you can bear and then take a warm towel soaked in water and remove it.
  • Now take a towel wet and place it in a microwave to have your own DIY mini portable steamer. Now drape it all over your face so that your pores can once again be wide
  • Next up exfoliate your face. You can do these a couple of ways. I use a mixture of salt and Lemon juice and then rub it on my face and lips till my neck in circular motions. Rub it and then take it off with a towel.

Now apply a mask of your choice. Here are a couple of recipes to try:

  1. Take one tablespoon of honey, mix with two pinches of turmeric and two pinches of cinnamon powder and apply it on a face for 15 minutes then rinse off with cold water.
  2. To a tablespoon of raw milk, add powdered oats and apply.
  3. Take mud (the mud mask one not the actual mud for your backyard) mix in some rose water, lemon juice and apply on face until it dries off.
  4. Take an egg white to apply in on your face and put on thin strip of tissue to create it in mask form.
  5. Take aloe vera gel and mix it with cinnamon or turmeric or mud to create a mask.
  6. Take toothpaste for about a tablespoon, mix turmeric and baking powder and apply to your face to get rid of sun tan.
  • These are some simple masks to try from, you can do your own masks as you like as well.
  • Next up apply the necessary serums and oil on your face. My personal favorites are two recipes. One takes almond oil, rose water aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsule and divide the ratio according to your face type and apply two drops and massage your face.
  • Massage your under eye with your ring finger bringing it all the way up to your temples, then massage your eyebrow in a circular motion again bringing towards your temple area. Next message from your nose towards your temple area. The message your contour lines like the jawline and under cheek area. This message will not only smooth out the blood flow but will also lift up your face.
  • Now take cleanser of your choice and wash your face with it.
  • Next up apply a moisturizer on your face, you can either apply aloe vera gel, any oil or anything you prefer.

That is it your pampering routine is done.



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