In this time of the pandemic, we are told to sanitize and wash our hands as frequently as possible. And with the way we are sanitizing our hands makes the sanitizer bottle to finish in no time. Plus, not to mention the shortage of the sanitizers because of people stocking up on it in batches and batches of it. But not to worry here is an easy recipe for you to sanitize your hands.

For this, you will need alcohol isopropyl, some aloe vera gel, and any essential oil. Yes, my friends, it is as easy as it sounds. Now mix, in 3 parts aloe gel to one-part alcohol and a few drops of essential oil and shake well. Store in a bottle and keep it in a cool place so that the mixture does not rot.

And here you go voila! Your very own sanitizer on the go. And yes it works because the main ingredient in every sanitizer is alcohol which does the germ-killing part. Also if you want you can add some glycerin as well to make it thicker but not to add too much as it can get sticky as well.



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