DIY tips and tricks a great way to enhance your skincare and many routines however here are a few devices to try for your own self.

The first mask helps to target acne, dark spots, facial hair, dull skin, and dark circles.

Ingredients are chickpea flour teaspoon of turmeric teaspoon of almond oil and a cup of milk.

The second mask involves aloevera which is called the miracle plant. This mass helps to prevent dry and dull skin and also prevents the acne scars split and and brittle hair as well hence. The recipe only includes Aloe Vera Gel blended or directly applied on the face and hair as Aloe Vera Gel has been introduced in many masks and DIYs and so this mask works so try it out yourself.

The next mass includes turmeric and yogurt and this mask helps to tackle acne and scarring.

Next up we have a hair master includes egg any hair oil and yoga. the egg will help to balance the protein. Hair oil will moisturize the and yogurt will also moisturizer hair and get rid of any bacteria a dead skin cells



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