When it comes to romanticism there are tons of books and movies made upon it. People are constantly producing new material on relationships and romanticism with new ideas and techniques where some might fail in the real world. Yes, not all romantic ideas shown in the movie are aligned with the realities of the real world, everything is not sugar coated neither it is like a cherry on the cake.

Relationships are hard and believe me they require your time, effort and your attention. It is neither a joke nor a quick in a quick out thing, like what movies nowadays are producing. The ideology behind a relationship is not as simple as they are showing us; it is not based on the story that when two opposites meet attraction occurs thus forming into a relationship. Hence, it is much more advanced than that!

But nowadays most of the romantic movies are supporting the ideology of a quick in quick out fantasy of a relationship, you see when it is a story it is fine but when you start to implement those ideas in your realistic relationships, chaos occurs, you know why because IT IS NOT REAL, It is just a work of fiction designed to entertain you.

Yes, I believe that most of the romantic movies are destroying real relationships. They are teaching everyone that if you don’t follow this rule your relationship is bad. They say if you don’t give her a gift every day or pay all the bills of a restaurant it is bad. It is teaching the females to expect your significant other to provide you with everything you desire, without your involvement. Yea, I know men are supposed to treat their partners like a queen but even a queen doesn’t sit on her ass and does nothing all day. She performs her duties and is not dependent on her king all the time.

Romantic movies are focusing more on the idea of going big or going out. They do not teach that simple gestures are worth something, that just giving a single red rose has a lot of worth. We expect and then we are disappointed. But here is the thing relationships are not a piece of cake like they show us,

you need to work on them in order to make it successful.



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