Whether you are wearing lenses for fun or for you sights there are a few things that you need to know and you need to apply or else anything dealing with the eye that closes can become dangerous.

Contact lenses are now evolving and thanks to technology they are becoming better beautiful and in more variety. But still, a few pointers if especially you are a first-time wearer is good.

  1. Before wearing your lenses make sure your eye, fingers and your lenses are clean because a little dust particle can come from anywhere and will cause irritation in your eye throughout your experience.
  2. After using contacts clean them and then store, if you store them without cleaning then bacteria might build up.
  3. Change the water at least once a week and keep a check because lenses can be easily dried out if you do not pay attention.
  4. If you cannot put in your lens or if it is your first time try opening up your eye with one hand and hold the lens in the other and keep the direction of your face upwards.
  5. If your eyes feel irritated after you have applied your lens then move the lens with your finger to remove any particle that is causing the irritation. Or if you can handle add some water as well.
  6. If you have eyesight problems it is better to get your coloured contacts in power because that way you can ditch your glasses.
  7. Remember lenses have plastic in them so do not go near a fire or heat that will cause it to melt in your eye.
  8. Do not sleep with contacts no matter how good they are because sometimes they can travel behind your eye as well.


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