Normally we are focused on our face when it comes to beauty or the hands. But we usually ignore our feet every now and then. Ignoring their care for a month or even a year!
However, feet, also have the same layer of skin as in our skin but we ignore its care so often when it gets worse it is when we realize our mistake.

Let us start

First of all, feet care routine is not that hard or hectic as you think it might be. Since feet carry all the weight literally and physically we are bound to take care of them. They enable us to walk and run so in order to maintain this ability it is important we focus on them.

Give your feet massages as often as you can. Since many internal organs are linked with your feet giving them a massage will automatically benefit the other organs as well. If you look at the massage chart for feet you will find different veins connecting to different organs.

Massaging will help improve blood circulation as well.

Keep your feet moisturized. Make sure that your feet are moisturized fully and not dry because if they are dry you will experience cracked heel and sometimes the heel cracks get worst that they often become hard and hurt like a needle.

If you are already experiencing cracked feet or heels try to apply Vaseline in fact lather Vaseline and put on socks and sleep. This overnight treatment will help restore the moisture of your feet.

Keep scraping off dead skin at least once a week.

Since feet are often covered and there contact with the ground is frequent they can easily become gross and dirty due to which our skin gets affected. So it is important we exfoliate our feet. This can be done with lemon and sugar easily.

Make sure your feet are not smelly. Try to give it some air and keep clean and do not let germs or dirt accumulate over it or else the bacteria will produce foul smells.


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