Female education? Are we wasting on them?

Education of females has been a major issue since the dawn of times. As the female sector is considered to be less of class and most people would rather ignore the subject than talking about it.

I would like to talk about it. Why the hell is female education is not given the same amount of importance as the education of a man does?

Yes, I know I see many parents are sending their little girl to school for the sole purpose of education. And that is good, which means that change is coming, but there is still a major part of the society who share the ideology that female education is just a waste of time and let’s just say a hidden sentence no one wants to admit, a waste of money as well.

But parents like those would happily spend a lavish amount of money for their daughter’s marriage rather than her education. I believe in the eastern part of the world there is this concept built on the fact that the main reason a female is born and raised so she could have married off to a man where she would care for him, his family, bear his children and make him happy. There you have the word him and not her.

What about her happiness?

What about her dreams and the fact she wants to support herself before she goes into a new phase of her life? Oh no, no the man can support you, your job is to keep him happy.

Excuse me! Are we the clowns in the world where the man needs to be made happy and the woman is just his puppet?

Education is an important factor parent, realize it not it would help your daughter to sustain her marriage life as well.

Let me tell you how to let us start with the fact

that the man you are marrying her off into would not consider her a lesser of an equal, he would treat her with respect and your daughter’s opinion will matter to him. Why because he knows, his wife is equally capable of sustaining herself in this world with or without him. Yes, here comes the factor of
dependency, no one like to be dependent on anyone and the fact an educated woman will never depend on a man he will know about her position, her rights and her respect.

Next to it an educated wife will also become a good mother why because she has the ability to teach her children knowledge and help them out, not stand like a joker who has no idea what is going on in their child’s life.

An educated wife will also be able to support her family financially in times of crisis, she would also be able to support herself on the fact in she is left alone due to multiple reasons.

Wife or no wife many girls have dreams and some do not prioritize marriage over their career and some do. It is matter of choice by the girl and by her own freakin’ self, no one should be allowed to force her into a decision that she is not happy with. Give your daughters the freedom to choose and encourage on their education, invest in them
trust me it is not a waste of money.

Education is something that can never be stolen and let me tell you all an educated woman leads to great wonders in the society, whether you believe it or not but the fact remains true.




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