Bringing to you an all-rounder collection from hacks all from the pantry of the model’s form victoria secrets. Yes, those victoria secrets angels have a lot of hacks to share with us.

Despite of all the hard time regime they have going victoria secret is all about women empowerment and thus we are one to support feminism in every way thus sharing some of the tips from these angels.

  1. Always have curled up lashes no matter what time of day. Because having an attractive body might not be as appealing as having bright lit up face and that my friends can be changed easily with a heavy dose of big voluminous lashes that are on point.
  2. Keep eyebrows tamed as they frame your face in ways you might not even think they do.
  3. Make mauve your staple lip shade especially when you are planning to go natural with your face as it enhances the lip and gives your lips a berry stain.
  4. Try going a tinier shade darker than your normal foundation shade to add that sun kissed, brazilin body effect on your if you and for added bonus mix highlighter,
    moisturizer and use it as a body shimmer for that goddess glow.
  5. Give yourself face massages with skin creams and serums because applying directly won’t do much if you massage it off on your face.


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