Our immune system is a very integral part of our body and we need to keep it in check all the time and make it stronger instead of making it weaker because the immune system prevents us from any humble diseases and it fights back even without our prior knowledge.

The immune system is basically our body’s defense mechanism that prevents many harmful germs, toxins, and diseases to attack and make us unhealthy. The immune system is a buildup in each one of us and we have a duty to make it stronger.

Smoke less because the more we do the weaker our immune system.

Add in more fruits and vegetables to your diet because an organic and healthy diet helps to build up the nutrients that are necessary to make the immune system stronger.

Add in more nutrients from any other food sources apart from the ones that you are taking because the mood more food sources you have the more nutrients you would be getting.

Exercise regularly and maintain healthy weight

maintain a hygienic Lifestyle like washing your hands and keeping yourself clean as well.

Get the correct amount of sleep


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