How much an individual should express themselves and how much should be hidden?

The world is a weird place. Sometimes it is nice to you and sometimes it is cruel, other times you have no freakin’ idea what it is doing to you. But here we are in the race for ‘survival for the fittest’ trying to race it, balance it and survive it.

The question arises as to exactly how much one should express themselves into this world right?

Well here is the answer, read carefully because this might change your life!

So you’re still here, good that means you are really desperate to know what is that goddamn answer. Well here it is my fellows, there is no limit. Yup you heard it expressing yourselves has no limit but however, there are some domains as to where and how much you need to express yourself.

Well, in different situations you cannot be that same old lousy or that some old active human being. You need to adapt yourselves to the surroundings as to where you stand.

Now the real question that you should ask me as wait what situations are you talking about. Well by situations I mean different platforms, people and relationships.

Like the bond with your parent’s right is it the same as that bond with your friends?

I guess not!

The bond between a couple is definitely not the same either! And neither the relationship of an employee with their boss and the employee’s relation with their colleagues!

Every relationship is different and so the level as where you express yourself is also different. Now you might think this may lead to the fact that you are leading with multiple personalities right. Wrong, because you see you are that same person, that same individual with that same personality, you have just applied different constraint om each relationship against yourself.

There are multiple aspects of your personality that you choose and choose not to show to certain people and certain relationships.

Just like you are different from the way you express yourself on social media when compared to reality right!

So yes there is no definite way as to how much of a person should express themselves, it is all up to you and that particular situation.

You need to decide whether you need to be an introvert or an extrovert in that situation!




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