Basic hygiene is very important if you want to make an impression. In fact, it is not about making an impression it is about the fact that you keep yourself hygienic or yourself as well to be healthy and keep away from germs that might have been caught if you are not hygienic. I have talked about hygiene before and today I will be talking more about it because you know what we do often forget and skip some of these on a lot of occasions. You might think some of these ordinary but trust me they make a hell lot of difference.

  1. Keep your towels separated from others. Yes, have your own towel even when it comes to family. Because everybody’s skin is so different and everyone has a different body you need to keep these things separate because who knows your germs might transfer to you or vice versa. Also, it is hygienic to use your own towels.
  2. Keep your hairbrush separate as well. Scalps are really different and using the same brushes also increases the risk of lice, dandruff, and many other problems. This is personal so keep it separate.
  3. If you are wearing closed shoes for a longer period of time trying to get your feet out of it once in a while to avoid the formation of dirt, fungus and that foul odor. But if you cannot then as soon as you get home wash your feet or if you have time soak them in warm water with a little bit of shampoo mixed with lemon to relax them and keep them away from those other harmful effects.
  4. Do not use hair removal products in your room because often the hair flies off now if you eat and invite guests to your house there might be hair occasionally in the food or just anywhere.
  5. Wash your makeup brushes, sponges or any other tool for beauty or skincare every once in a week to keep them sanitized and away from the formation of bacteria.
  6. One more tip that we never really knew is to scrub behind your ear. Trust me it would make a hell lot difference especially if someone else is doing your hair.


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