As you might have been seeing the royal family in and out it is about time we go into their makeup routine and explore how are they always camera ready and alluring all the time.

So here is a breakdown of the makeup hacks

  1. Use bronzer on the outer parts of your face in a 3 shape to and choose a shimmery one to give you a glow.
  2. Go over with body lotion for that youthful body look and tight pores especially the parts where you are exposed.
  3. Opt for the magic number. Never do full eye, lip, and blush. You can combine any of the two but never three.
  4. Nude nail polish is the staple and safest way to go no matter what your skin color, texture or nail length. It gives a more attractive yet decent look.
  5. Do not forget to keep your lips hydrates because even if your makeup s flawless those dry chapped lips will seek away the attention.
  6. Load up on serums and oils as often as you can because skincare is a must especially when you are leaning towards natural makeup than relying on the heavy aspect of it.
  7. Smoke out eyeliner is better than a crisp one to give a more dramatic yet glamourous effect in your makeup regime.
  8. Use highlighter in the inner corners when you are lazy but still want to look refreshing



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