Skincare is very important and today sharing skincare tips gives us the most delight.

Everyone loves beautiful skin so it is important to take care of it in order to have that beautiful skin.

first of all, you need to be aware of your skin type if you are not aware or misinformed and you can compromise your skin. And you can Trigger a lot of inflammation breakouts or even premature aging by applying in using the wrong products.

Next you just need to know that how to layer products

the generic order is first to use an exfoliator, cleanser then the toner, and then you use spot creams, masks, and face masks next comes the serum and eye cream and then you have moisturizer oil and then your SPF.

It is important to know that less is more as well because the more you apply a product the reverse effect it can have.

make sure to double cleanse as the Korean because it helps to remove the dirt bacteria oil and pollution that can be built upon the skin during the day.

No matter what do not use expired products always keep in the check expiry date of your products and as recommended drop them before the expiry date.


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