Everywhere I see is traffic, crowd and no space to breathe. The population of my dear friends is growing at a faster pace. It is growing at the speed of lighting. Seriously, that is what it feels like.

Even with all the knowledge on family planning and population control. My friends, we are growing and growing and trust me one day the Earth won’t have space to hold onto even one more of this human being.

The problem is that due to overpopulation we face many problems that included political, societal, economic and personal.

The facts are due to overpopulation we are utilizing our resources more than we should. And it is estimated that many basic resources will be run out in a few years if we do not
control our use.

Due to population, everything is done at a slower pace thus works that were to be done in a few hours now take a whole day to complete. Everyone wants to cut into the line and move forward. And people do and what happens is when people who are actually waiting fair and square they are still made to wait around.

Due to overpopulation, the government is short of resources and facilities like medical, environmental and many basic necessities. Even prices are increases due to shortages in the materials. Overpopulation also results in lack of employment which leaves many well-deserving job holders to either lose their job or for some not even get a job.

Overpopulation also brings about climatic change which by the way is quite harsh and we are not controlling it. Also, you have more mouths to feed and more free spaces to become
occupied and for the competition to grow from everything like in studies, business and much more. Hence, we need to control the population or else we will face problems which we cannot survive.



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