There are often times when you ask yourself how I ever loved that person or how did I ever dated him. That one person you swore that would be your soul mate made your life a living hell. You had dreams about starting a family together, the usual normal stuff like getting married and have kids, then settle in a house near the suburbs. You start to see that person as your husband and dream all those scenarios that an ideal married couple has. You create a bubble of imaginations around you constantly thinking and pretending to be in situations that might never exist. You involve so much into it that when things sort to go backward you refuse to accept the fact that the person you think will be the ideal husband they might be not.

You see the most common thing in women is that women tend to expect too much from others and especially when it comes to relationships. Some might disagree with this fact and yes they can be but most of the majority of the time women have more expectations than men. They want to make every date a special one like one month anniversaries, three month anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and the list goes on. I believe you all know what I am talking about.
Men do not tend to realize that women are constantly expecting something from them; they want to be treated like queens and be loved like all the time. They expect big and they expect small from men. Well, ladies, they do not have any clues like all the time. !

When a relationship is falling apart the thought that it might not work scares the female gender so instead of getting out in time or handling the situation what they do is that they accept it in the hopes that their significant might realize and change themselves but ladies that is not always the case. Women refuse to believe all ideas that it is time that they break and that this might not lead to anywhere, but here is the problem Women expect too much and the fact they have imagined their whole life with you, they cannot bail the relationship that easily. So they force themselves to accept the toxic relationships again and again and again failing to realize that

never expect too much from any relationship especially
in the beginning stage.



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