We all have it and we all try our everything to get rid of it but somehow they enter into our life again.

Split ends are every women’s best friend until she learns to let go of it better. However, split ends are not a diseases but caused by many habitual exercises in your daily routine and they can easily be prevented or thus controlled.

  1. Brush your hair with a gently softer brush as opposed to a hard brush that does not tug on your hair or pull it ripping your hair off.
  2. The more heat you use the more damage your hair is receiving so it is better to minimize on the heating tool or else use heat protestants and oil as much as you can if you cannot reduce the heat tools.
  3. Try not to break off the split ends because then it means you are inviting more split ends in your life and no one wants that.
  4. Use leave in lotions that temporarily hide split ends.
  5. Give your hair protein treatments and as often as you can because protein helps to strengthen your hair growth and hair ends as well. It helps to fill in the gaps and moisturize your hair as well.
  6. Trim your hair as often as you get for a healthy looking hair experience.


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