As you know the new launch of the movie just hit the box office and has been a successful one. Why because it is that great not to capture success.

However, I would like to share my review regarding this movie.

The fact is often times we think k that villains are evil because they have the tendency to be bad and because they have no ethics and morals or the simple fact it they are evil.

What we do not realize is that behind every person there is a story and behind every bad person is a strange yet unpredictable one.

Starting with the movie, all we knew was the fact that the joker in batman was evil because he was delusional. But however, seeing the background of this story proves that not everything that is bad is because they are bad. Behind everything, there is a story. And the story of this joker is moving.

The story revolves around the fact that everything we do even the smallest incomprehensible thing we do can affect someone in so many ways. The joker why was he like that. Because he was made that way.

The society treated him in a way to change into this freak. The fact is the society changed his mental state because we do not realize how we are impacting someone’s life. The joker revolves around the fact how society made him infact coerced him to become a negative being. How he was deeply inflicted and wounded mentally where he reached a point that unethical acts gave him pleasure.

For me personally, I believe it was an eye-opening movie. Instead of helping those who are suffering inside we increase their suffering and make them suffer more we do not allow or give them room to i. Prove and when the time comes finally we all blame them for being evil where we do not realize that it was our actions that pushed them into being into this person.

I would recommend everyone to watch and consider each action being taken because once someone has lost their limit, they can hardly go back.


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