Should you impose yourself in your friendships or not?

Yesterday there was a class activity here a question was raised that was,

“Should friends impose themselves on each other?”

The first that that came to my attention by this statement was the fact that many people are aware of the word impose. They think imposing means to distance yourself or it meant that something else to them. The fact is only a couple handful of people were able to grasp the meaning of imposing and let me tell you a lot agreed to the fact that friends should impose themselves on each other especially best friends.

First, let us clarify the word impose. It means to nag each other into each other’s lives. Let me give you an example, let us just say that two best friends are studying at different institutes, the fact is that each other should respect the fact that when one is busy they can sometimes not give them time or the fact if they are with their uni friends does not mean that they have forgotten all about you. It simply means that they are surviving
their uni life that is all. If you both consider yourself best friends then I think the fear whether one will forget you due to the fact that he or she is hanging out with a lot of new friends does not mean you are suddenly invisible to them.

You grasping my point. When you try to impose your friendship on one another, there does come a point in your life when it would backfire on you because you know why you are simply exhausting the bond of friendship between you. Never try to force your friendship onto one another.

Try to figure out a way to balance your relationship with one another. There is no shame in telling your friend that she fears you are losing her, expressing your feelings will not destroy your bond but will help to balance the tension out.

Now I do not mean that you completely ignore your friend, that when she is upset you simply pretend you haven’t noticed and moved on with your day, no, that is simply not the effing case.

Be there for one another and help each other out whether one asks for or not, because that is what real friendship is.

Let me repeat not imposing simply does not lead to the fact that you ignore them completely and wait for them to come to you. It means to understand one another is someone cannot make it to that lunch doesn’t mean you emotionally blackmail her or just simply make a fuss about it if you are still having trouble accepting or ignoring then talk about it with them and I am sure everything would be back to normal.

The simple fact is when anything is pushed back it will eventually push towards yourself as well.




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