Women have long since regarded as inferior to man since she was born. From the day she is born till the day she dies women are never equalized to the status of a man.
Even after all the evolutions and modernization, the story that women are inferior to man is still the same. However, there are many people who have changed the ideology on this but many are still in denial when it comes to equality of females.

However, apart from the equality issue women face many societal pressures which are somewhat what they shouldn’t be facing but the society does.

First of all, since a female is born she is expected to be gentle, meticulous. Her voice must always be lowered in the society and should work in a lady like a manner. Till she becomes a mature adult she is expected to have knowledge of every household work that exists on this planet perfectly within a thin shred of mistake. Now when she crosses eighteen or most of the time when she enters puberty her marriage talks start taking place. And if she crosses twenty successfully she is bound to be married or else an earthquake would take place, yes that is the level of anxiety the society throws at women.

It doesn’t matter how qualifies she is or the fact how here career path is going but as long as her marriage is ongoing her life is set despite the fact that maybe the marriage might not be the right thing at the moment or it might not be the only solution. I mean the marriage will happen eventually but what is the rush when she is planning to have a career but our society cannot simply digest it. Also, it doesn’t matter how the guy as but as long as he is gaining a healthy amount of salary he is good to go regardless of his character.

Everything from her dressing to her life choices or to her success and failures, the society has an opinion and a bullying strategy and they will not rest until they make her life a living hell. I hope that by reading this many of that society can change themselves because honestly it has become exhausting in general and we are tired of it.




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