You might have seen the work of animals in circuses and many sea shows where many types of animal perform different stunts and impossible or unlikely stunts and activities. It all seems impressive and glamourous to you and you will find it quite interesting and innovative.

But listen.

Do you know the real dark truth behind all of this?

Animals have been used for entertainment purposes for many years. From circuses to sea shows to private shows. Animals have been in many activities as you pass by. But what is the dark truth behind is the fact that animals are forced to perform all those activities.

Many animals are captured and forcibly trained and beaten to perform those activities which you think are impressive. Animals are abused into training and learning so. From adults to children and to babies, every phase of an animal’s life is treating as a means of entertainment and money. All of this harsh treatment just to make a few bucks.

Imagine you yourself being forced into doing something against your will and beaten to it if refused. Imagine being fed only a limited portion which might not be healthy and disgusting. Imagine being locked up in a cage. Imagine being controlled by someone your entire life. Wouldn’t you feel like ending yourself, or wouldn’t you feel like to escape. Wouldn’t you feel depressed and sad and angry? Yes, that is the same case for animals.

We are superior to animals and we know better than any creature on this planet but we are acting like illiterate and animals, we are becoming beasts and mad creatures because of money we are acting like dumb headed bodies who have their goals set on the prize at the cost of those creatures who are inferior to us and some are loyal beings who crave our love but we are using them as much as we can. And when they have no energy to go on we toss them away, we those the loyalties the servings of those animals away and we treat them as wrappers. We need to get out of this selfish bubble and start to realize that animals are not toys or machines but living beings whom we need to give freedom and love and treat them better.




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