If you are one who loves Halloween but does not have an artistic streak or is simply lazy then these looks have been chosen just for you.

As Halloween approaches you to need to be more creative so what if you do not have a costume or any arrangements. You can easily spook up your Halloween by trying your hand at makeup.

Sugar skulls


Sugar skulls are way easier than normal skulls because even if you cannot paint between the lines you can jazz it up by adding rhinestones and flowers in it.



I am not talking about the red horns and red face but you can simply paint your eye socket blacks and created jiggered lines and apply black lips.



Become a vampire by simply giving yourself a pale face and drawing veins with a blue or green shadow and put on dark burgundy lips and if you want to make some blood drippings on one side of your mouth to amp it up.

Gangster clowns


With the fame of the movie IT I think clown looks are a must especially if you opt for a gangster clown look because you do not require those ruffled gowns or a funny nose all you need to do is a little paint job on your face and you are good to go.

Pumpkin spice


If you are not sure what to be for Halloween paint a pumpkin on half of your face or full
whatever you most like and just go with the flow because pumpkins do symbolize Halloween


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