As people keep on growing their love of food more and more fried food is being consumed each day. Fried food is preferred much more than normal like french fries, fried burgers, etc. Fried food has taken over our lives in such a way that else does not even know and how can we leave it is simply not even up for debate.

Fried food has developed into our lives in such a way that we do not feel it as a specialty but as a norm. However, while fried food might be good to taste and eat and smell or even feel it comes with a lot of the risks of its own which we are ignoring by consuming more and more fried food each day.

First of all, let me tell you fried food is filled with oil and all that grease which sort of adds to obesity and raises the cholesterol levels creating risks for your heart by also increasing heart diseases. As it has oil in it fats are bound to be attached to it. It also heightens the risks of type 2 diabetes if eaten in excess.

Due to so much heat that is given to fried foods many nutrients in the food are destroyed by the heat and tales form into a new chemical reaction which deprives you of the original nutrients but may or may not provide you with products that your body doesn’t need.

Fried food also affects your stomach especially indigestion as too many oils are thrown inside and it increases the risk of acidity as well. Also, fried food lowers your body’s metabolism making you lazy in every field of life especially women.

As I say excess of anything is really harmful so avoid dried food because it has shown that people who consume like fried goods on a daily basis tend to suffer from death earlier than usual.


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