Today my teacher asked the whole class a generic question out of the blue.

The question was:
What is the difference between animals and humans?

All of us cramped our heads and began to answer. Some said we are better than them in terms of the brain. Some quoted that we are not wild. Some said we are knowledgeable. While some said animals are selfish where humans aren’t.

Our teacher listened to each answer very patiently. Although none of these answers were wrong but nobody explained the one difference between humans and animals.

Moving on after all the inter discussions and suggestions he finally spoke.

He said the difference between these two species is ego!

Yes, ego we have it and animals don’t. In fact, they are the egoless beings that we can never stoop to anticipate. However, many disagreed but hear me out if you look deeply
into this concept it is true. How? Here is how.

You see an animal would never hurt anyone just for the sake of fun sure they eat their preys but that is a necessity. An animal would never take pride in its being. But we as humans hurt without thinking and be proud of the utmost extreme. But why is that?

Aren’t we supposed to be better than animals but as the world is growing we are becoming worse than animals.

We have become materialized selfish social beings. For us we would only do a project if it benefits us but never out of selflessness. Why is that because we are ignoring the ethics of our society because we are focused on more materialistic things rather than the important ones.

So next time you do something unethical try to look at an animal for change.



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