Tips for a successful relationship with your significant other.

Ever wonder why that happy relationship isn’t working for you? Or why is your marriage approaching towards a downfall? Or why after all this time you still feel like you are trapped in a relationship?

Chances are you are either investing your time and efforts in a wrong relationship, you have forgotten or you have simply turned a blind eye on your relationship.

Let me explain no matter how you were married the most important and the base core on establishing and maintain the relationship is the fact of acceptance, whether you like that
the person or not.

When you have established this then you look further.

  1. Take time to understand each other and give each other room to open up to you or else your significant other would always be hesitant, rigid or uncomfortable with you. You want to be comfortable with each other and you can only do that by making them feel like you want to know the real them.
  2. Share small but intimate moments with each other. What I mean is like go to a coffee shop and randomly just share a drink, my point to grasp here enjoys that little moment instead of complaining. Refrain yourself on complaining about the fact that you hate this place! Unless it’s a joke.
  3. Compliment each other occasionally. By doing this you are making the other person feel like you really care like you actually pay attention.
  4. Listen to their problems, when they are in need of you listen to their problems, I am not saying like solve them sometimes your partner wants you to listen and understand and that is exactly what you do. The question on whether you help them or not is a different matter. But listen to them and do not start about your own problems and ramble on the fact how your day was harder.
  5. Add some fun in your life. Do not just go out onto boring dates where it involves a restaurant, food and just that Is it. This might be elegant but let me tell you from
    experience it sometimes gets hell a lot boring. Jump off to a new start, go for long drives or go into a mall and window shop. Plan a seat at carnivals and fests etc. Try
    something new as much as you can.
  6. Tell your partner how much you love them. This is a bonus tip and trusts me you do this you would thank me.
  7. Give them time. When someone is important you can make time for them. Define your priorities with them and give them the importance they deserve.
  8. If in a fight one person should tone down a bit than other as the hotness of the situation will lead to explosive consequences and in order to balance that out one must
    always be lighter headed than the other.
  9. Never go to bed without resolving your issues as this would drag on and on and will eventually one day burst out.
  10. Confront the other, if there is something nagging about them tell them to discuss it like adults.
  11. Accept the flaws, not everyone is perfect so try to accept some minor flaws and do not persuade them to change into something that they are not.
  12. Be honest. I do not need to elaborate on this I think.
  13. Keep on doing something for them, it doesn’t have to be big gestures but small gestures are enough as well.
  14. Do the thing the other person like but you don’t but you have accepted anyways who knows you might enjoy them too.
  15. Never blame them for anything without proper validation or cause by making assumptions. This is the worst thing you could do to them because they had faith
    in you to trust them and not blame them on every chance you get.




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