If you love having long lashes but you hate putting on fake lashes that there is a mascara trick that can help you enhance your natural lashes and make it look into flawless fake lashes or a full Lash effect.

First of all, find out a mascara that works for you and your lashes and keeps your lashes in place for a longer period of time mascaras the dry up easily order to not hold the last in place or not words using for this trick.

If your mascara is too runny then keep it out for a few seconds and let the air dry the mascara and then apply.

Now for the tip to work first take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes I would recommend heating it up a little bit so that a girl stays in place.

Next, take mascara and apply a single coat and let it dry not completely.

As the mascara is not completely dry take a second code and apply on your lashes and as your applying separate your eyelashes because they can stick together to use tweezers for that matter.

If you are happy with you coat then leave it but if you are not happy you can go for a third and so on as long as you are not happy to go for as many coats as you want but remember to keep separating your eyelashes because if they can get stick then it would look all messed up.

Another trick that you could try is to apply baby powder or translucent powder in between coats what this will do is make the eyelashes thicker and can also increase a little bit of the length because it can add on not take off.

After you are done with your mascara application make sure to dry it completely and fully, use a hairdryer and place it in an upward direction so that your eyelashes dry in the upward direction.

Now at the final step take the eyelash curler once again and do not heat up and curl your lashes again this would make the eyelashes stick to the place for a long period of time and this has been tried and tested by many try it out but first find a mascara that works otherwise this trick would be nothing.


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