Haircare is an important part of our life. It is important we care about them as often as we could. New tricks and tips emerge to take care of hair every step of life. However, when we use drying agents we are also damaging our hair to the extreme. But I’ve had a solution and tip that is fully tried and tested that helps in hair a whole lot way.

How to use?

Well, the trick involves using Vaseline. Now what you do it lather vaseling for about a tablespoon onto your hair beginning from the tips to the roots. In short, the more product should be on the tips and the lesser onto the roots.

Then brush your hair to distribute the product evenly inside and outside. Now, in order for this to work do this 8 hours before your heat routine or before n event or else it’ll look like you have oil in your hair.

Now apply your heat product as normal.


Well, first of all, it will nourish your hair and protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat. Secondly, it acts like a setting spray or hair gel that keeps your hairstyle in place especially if you want your hair to remain straight. Thirdly, when you will wash your hair it would be silky smooth and shiny.

This routine might seem crazy to you but go for it and try it once and you will see the difference trust me.





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