“Let it go”

Often times I wonder what if I would have done that then this wouldn’t have happened. I look at my old pictures, my old projects and think what was I thinking? No matter what we do anything associated with our past failures comes back towards us haunting us diverting us from our present. The reason why some people fail so much is because they are too much attached to their past, they are not able to let go of their failures. They refuse to accept and move on with their life which in turns destroys their present leading towards a destructive future.


We need to let go of all that is haunting. Haven’t you heard the phrase learn from your failures and embrace it, only then you succeed and the journey towards success is to fail and try. Let go of the past, and let go of your experiences because it’s gone and you can never change that. The past is never in our hands it flies but what we can control is the present and never let anything ruin the moment where you are. Let go of yourself which had experienced failure, let go of the person that was once the embodiment of failure. Nothing in this life is permanent, except change.

Some people might say that the way they are is working for them, well that is okay no problem, it’s good. But at times when some hit their version of rock bottom, it is time to realize that you need to let go, let go without the attachments and let go without anyone. This is your journey of life and you need to move on yourself, move and step into the light and absorb it alone. After you have stabilized and filled yourself with a new way of life come back and get those who matter to you. Because you are much more valuable to all those when you are stable and happy with a will of continuing without the past
interfering you.


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