Weight loss what more can I say. I think we have established the fact about not body shaming someone and the other fact about accepting the way you are sort of talk. Well, you must develop these two rules for your goals of having that Victoria secrets angel body. Even if you don’t dream it keep these two facts, stick it and never forget.

Moving on to the actual tips, here we go,

  • Eat eggs for breakfast as it is a source of protein and this would reduce your intake of calories per day.
  • Drink up coffee, and not just any coffee you need to go for that black coffee, yup that is right the no sugarless milk or no milk sort of one. Coffee increases metabolism which helps to increase fat burn. But adding calories won’t do the trick guys.
  • Substitute normal tea for green tea. It is not only an antitoxin but helps to reduce fatty acids as well and improves digestion.
  • Try intermittent fasting, well why not as it has become a trend!
  • Use smaller plates preferably blue as this tricks your brain into not eating extra because in a larger plate you wanna fill it all up with food.
  • Go for the aerobic exercise which is cardio as it helps in effectively removing g belly fat.
  • Go for lifting weights as it increases muscle trends and Increases metabolism which again reduces fats.
  • Chew slowly and take short bites.
  • Do not procrastinate at night as you tend to get hungry and you want food in the middle of your little midnight party.
  • Do not diet! I repeat do not diet, reduce food intake but never diet, because once you skip dieting you would go back to the size you were before.

Good Luck!


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