Since the dawn of time man has taken the hold of the world. The female’s gender has always been neglected and never given an equal opportunity as men. The sad part is that this concept has been engraved so bad the women themselves think that they are not good enough to have equal opportunities in life.

From day one women are made felt inferior prior to men. They are made to feel weak and helpless and are instructed to cater and satisfy the needs of men. Apparently whatever they do reflects on the man they belong to.

What I do not get is that if women reflect the man that owns them why not the actions of men reflect on women. Men, when they are children, are given a free hand at life. There are neither girls problems like periods and cramps nor they are told to cover themselves up as puberty hits on them. They are simply instructed to go and live your life. No restriction and no boundaries. Which by the way turns your dear beloved sons into monstrous creatures. And what are women told? They are told to stay low, they are told to cover themselves so men are not attracted. They are told to give men the room first and they are told be aware. Why so many guidelines for women and none for men.

You see the way this world works is wring. You know-how. We tell our daughters to be careful and let our sons roam freely on the streets. We should teach our sons the value of limitations and respect. Groom them into better human beings so that no women are made inferior and are given the equality that they deserve.

But you know what women are not the inferior creature and they are definitely not the weak ones. The power of carrying a child for nine months and then delivering it into the hands of a man can never be equally justified with the strength that a man proclaims to have over women.. For nine months she is carrying a child that will be named after the man. And then even after delivering it, it first goes to the man. What she gets is antagonizing pain and suffering. Her life is on the line but she doesn’t care. Because has the strength of a thousand lifelines which men can never justify weakness.

Women might be made weak because they are the gender that bears oppression. They would bear until they finally had it enough. And when they have it enough then nothing can break her. In fact, she would, in turn, break you and then you be crawling into your little holes. Women are the strongest creatures because women know how to control not only work but life as well. She can do ten multiple tasks at the same time and you will be washed out after the third one.

So never ever try to sell the ideology that women are weak. Women are strong they just need to realize it.



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